A Day in Wendy´s

Thursday August 3rd, 2017
  • How beautiful the day begins!

    Many dads ask us about the day in Wendy! … difficult answer, because every day is different, every day is special! But we also have schedules that, according to the needs of our children, we follow daily.

    Our children arrive from 09:00 to 10:00 and we all give them a warm welcome.

    When they come, each child puts his backpack in its place and if they want, they have breakfast. But if instead they prefer to carry out an activity, they can also do it, each child is free to choose the activity they want. While they have breakfast or play, in the background we can listen to music, usually it is a quiet music.

    About 10:00 each group goes to their class and all together in the carpet, we begin the assembly in which we sing (sometimes we dance), we tell stories or we share the past experiences.

    Then we prepare ourselves to carry out the different activities we have programmed (activities that develop creativity, logical mathematics, fine psychomotricity, reading, sensory integration …., Each child chooses a different activity. In which they can play using their creativity, making use of their social skills and physical skills, sharing the joy of living happily!

    In Wendy we are bilingual, we speak in English and in Spanish, besides these two languages ​​we have the privilege of enriching ourselves of other languages ​​and other cultures, although the most important language in Wendy is the one of the respect and the love, through different stories and games, we work Daily the emotions, we explain to them how important all emotions are, we also provide all the necessary tools for children to manage them in the best possible way. Of course all these emotions are also worked in yoga classes. Yoga is a fundamental activity in Wendy, we are united in this beautiful path. Likewise the activities of mindfulness, mindfulness is part of the daily life in Wendy, is well known the numerous recent scientific studies that corroborate the multiple benefits of practicing yoga and mindfulness.

    After all these activities we are ready for lunch, first are the smallest (at 12.00), when they start to eat the meal prepared with so much love from Loles and at 12:30 will be the older children, who impatiently sit at the table to enjoy one of the most expected moments of the day, they are completely autonomous, … lentils, pucheros, vegetables, croquettes, fish … everything is rich, everything tastes good… and in company everything is more fun.

    As soon as they finish with lunch we start with the personal cleanliness, they wash their faces, teeth, some even comb their hair !!

    The little ones after their grooming, are prepared for the siesta, they take off their shoes, they take their blankets and they sleep each one in their bed, we prepare the background music, generally Reiki music and we wait until by art of Magic they fall asleep.

    Our big boys go out to play in the yard.

    The snack waits for us about three and we continue playing until four, when we have yoga classes… and at five we lowered the curtain of this wonderful theater until next day, that with illusion we will rise again.

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