Managerial letter

    • Ana Sanchez

      Ana Sanchez


      Wendy is a great family made up of moms, daddies, sometimes grandparents, uncles and teachers. Whose main objective is to find the best tools for the child to develop in an integral way, and that is, to be happy. In this world of continuous changes and stress, where all kinds of violence is free! They are here (our little treasures) to transform it into a world full of peace and joy, where the dominated and domineering are one, Where we respect all forms of life, where the richest are the happiest.

      Every day life gives us lessons and we all have the opportunity to learn from them or not, we are guides on that path to learning and we do not doubt that our work will leave a deep imprint in their hearts.


  • “Cuando tu pasión es tu trabajo, cuando tu trabajo es tu pasión”.

    • Love

      We educate with respect and affection

    • Bilingual

      English-Spanish Bilingual classes, international environment

    • Professionalism

      We are passionate about our work

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