Educational Program

  • At Wendy´s Marbella

    We try to bring the best tools to our children:
    • Multiple intelligences

      Is a model proposed in 1983 by Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University. For him, intelligence is not a unitary set that groups different specific capacities, but a network of autonomous, relatively interrelated sets.

    • Kids Yoga

      Set of concentration techniques derived from this philosophical doctrine that are practiced to achieve greater physical and mental control. They become aware of their own body.

    • English Classes

      The childhood is the best time to learn new languages, that´s why at Wendy we work so they learn English in a fun and natural way.

    • Sensory Integration

      It is a process that allows a person to take, organize and interpret information that he receives from his body and from the external world …. All the information that comes from the environment we receive through our senses.

    • Positive Discipline

      It is understood as the teachings to understand the behavior of children and how to approach their attitude, to guide them always in a positive and affective way.

    • Emotional Intelligence

      It could be defined as the ability of a person to manage, understand, select and work their emotions and those of others with efficiency and generating positive results.

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