Wendy, a different Nursery in Marbella

Monday June 26th, 2017
Leaving our children to care for other people, especially when they are babies, is a decision to meditate very well. For us, the parents, is a very difficult time, when we look for a nursery in Marbella which we feel safe, we only have one option: Find the best nursery in Marbella!.

But the choices we’re going to find are several. There are nurseries in Marbella where we just park our children, kindergartens that are close to home but do not convince us for different reasons, nurseries in which children do not receive all the love, affection and stimulation they need to grow physically and emotionally … expensive nurseries and cheaper nurseries … But fortunately there is a significant advance in the concept of childcare, since we no longer “park children”, in Wendy Marbella we offer experiences that will help the development of the child.

Wendy Marbella opened its doors 12 years ago …. it looks like yesterday! And it was created from the illusion, … from the heart. There are many changes that have been going on until today. Year after year we have been enjoying unforgettable moments that have made us grow and have made us special.

kika sammy guarderia wendy marbella

Today, Wendy Marbella is an alternative center, different, whose main objective is to be happy, and we use the best tools: love, respect and others as important and necessary as education in emotions, multiple intelligences, sensory integration or yoga.

The facilities of Wendy Marbella were designed to satisfy all our needs in the safest way. We enjoy the outdoors of our three “patios”, where we play, take care of our kids, create stories and adventures or climb in our climbing area.

foto guardería wendy marbella rocodromo nico

Working as a team makes everything easier and more fun, in Wendy Marbella we all travel in the same boat and each has designated its own role, we are guides,  nurses, we are clowns, psychologists, cooks …. we use common sense , respect and love to get our trip to a good port.

Our dads are committed parents and they don’t “park their treasures.” They enjoy the education and experiences of their children …. And they are part of that ship, of that ship named Wendy with Destination happiness. Maybe the best Nursery in Marbella? Only you have the answer.

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