• Love
    We educate with respect and affection
  • Bilingual
    English-Spanish Bilingual classes, international environment
  • Professionalism

    We are passionate about our work

  • Homemade Food
    Like Grandma´s meal, none!
  • The best decision isWendy Marbella First school.

    Our Kindergarten is located in Hacienda Cortés (Marbella) where we offer a wide variety of activities ....

    In Wendy, we work to meet the needs of each child and provide personalized intervention.

    • Bilingual Education
    • Friendly Environment
    • Homemade Food
    • Psychomotricity Room
    • Yoga for Kids
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Science Experiments
    • Kids Rocodrom
  • Occupational therapy to help them develop their skills.

    We work to help children develop their full potential and independence.
    Children main functions are to play, enjoy family, have fun with friends to become independent in daily living activities.
  • The universe does not contain enough wealth, comparable to being a dad. That word so short and so great in a person's life.

  • The development of the children is our main mission.

    • Bilingual Education

      They learn English in a fun and natural way.

    • Occupational therapy

      Empowers their skills.

    • Personalized Intervention

      In order to help develop their full potential.

    • Emotional education

      Development of emotions and reactions.

    • Divided Learning Groups

      Groups divided by age and level, in small groups.

    • Kids Yoga

      Improve their attention span.

  • Contact Wendy MarbellaWe are waiting for you.

    • Postal Address

      Hacienda Cortes,
      C/ Calamar No 17
      Marbella Málaga

    • Phone & E-mail
    • Business Hours

      Open all year
      Monday to Friday
      8:30 am – 4:30 pm
      Closed for weekend

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